Meine Kleine Lieblingstank

Informations were gathered and Tech Trees were built by the collective of Zinoviy Alexeev's KB.

Special thanks to:

  • PikPikker for the help with the website design.
  • Pablo Escobar for historical informaion and reconstructions of vehicles.
  • Andrey Sinyukovich for reconstructions and blueprints of tanks.
  • Konstantin Skrypov for informaion on South-African tanks - thread on WoT Forum.

  • Vehicles balance

    Level Historical period Description Examples
    I1900-1919First representatives of armored vehicles, developed between the beginning of the XX century and the end of the WWI.A7V, Schneider CA1, Mark I
    II1920-1929Vehicles of the 1920s.Ansaldo GL-4, T-18, KH.50
    III1930-1939Vehicles of the 1930s, lvl depends on battle efficiency.T-26, LT vz. 35
    IVТ-35, LT vz 38, Pz I
    V1930-1940The most powerful armored vehicles of 1930s, early-WWII vehicles.Char B1, T-34 (early series), Pz. III and IV (early series)
    VI1941-1945Vehicles, developed in the beginning of the WWII, ineffective vehicles;T-60, T-34, Pz. IV, KV-1, Chi-Nu
    VIIVehicles, developed in the middle of the WWIIPz. V "Panther", Pz. VI Tiger, T-34-85
    VIIILate-WWII vehicles.IS-2, Pz. VIB "Tiger II", T-44
    IXAdvanced vehicles of the WWII.IS-3, T29, VK 100.01 (P)
    XThe most powerful projects and prototypes of the WWII.Maus, E100, IS-4, Czołg Pancernik, T30, T34
    XI1946-1959Vehicles of the 2nd half of the 1940s. Vehicles of the 1950s with low battle efficiency.Strv. 74, AMX 13, Ind. Pz.
    XIIVehicles of the 1950s, lvl depends on battle efficiency.IS-7, M103, T-55
    XIIIObj. 277, T-62, T57 Heavy
    XIV1960-1969Vehicles of the 1960s, lvl depends on battle efficiency.Strv. 103, Leopard 1
    XVKPz. 70, T-64
    XVI1970-1979Vehicles of the 1970s.T-72, Leopard 2
    XVII1980-1989Vehicles of the 1980s.Т-72Б, M1A1 Abrams
    XVIII1990-1999Vehicles of the 1990s.Leopard 2A5, C1 Ariete
    XIX2000-…Vehicles of the 2000s. and our timeT-90M, Leopard 2A7
    XX1980-…Advanced vehicles from the 1980s till our timeStrv. 2000, Leopard 3, T-14 Armata, Obj. 490